Cosmetic Dermatology

Do you want to go the extra mile but don’t know which treatment is right for your skin? Do you want to improve your skin’s appearance but retain its natural look?

Have you already undergone regular treatment but noticed that it’s not quite enough?

If one of these questions resonates with you, then Dr. Liv can guide you through your decision-making process. In a detailed consultation called “skin analysis”, you’ll learn how to “train” your skin with active ingredients. She will explain how different methods work, how the skincare actives function and which treatments could be effective for your skin. Together, you’ll decide if a treatment is at all necessary and which options are the right ones for you.

You’ll also decide which sequence of treatments would be most suitable to highlight your natural beauty further. When it comes to natural beauty, prevention is always better than repair.

“Look your best at any age, as naturally as possible.” - Dr. Liv

On your first visit

Are you exercising and following a healthy diet to take care of your body? Do you even have a personal trainer or fitness coach? That’s great! Now let’s take care of your skin as well. But instead of training your muscles, Dr. Liv will be your personal skin trainer and help you choose the right active ingredients for your skin.

On your first visit, please bring all your products – including your vitamins and supplements – with you. If you are a man, please also bring your shaving products. Dr. Liv Kraemer will review them with you and try to incorporate them into your routine.

"Beautiful skin comes from the inside as much as from the outside." - Dr. Liv

If you have questions about your current skincare routine and products, or if you’ve decided to do more, make an appointment online and find out what your skin needs with Dr. Liv’s personal skin analysis. You can also call us during our phone hours at 0041 44 211 88 11.

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