Personal Skin Analysis

Do you want to take care of your skin but don’t know how? Are you unsure what products and ingredients your skin needs?

Have you already tried several products and are disappointed with the results? Did a product even worsen your skin’s health instead of improving it?

Ready to finally find out what your skin needs? Dr. Liv Kraemer – your personal Skin Trainer™ – will help you get to know your skin!


Most people are overwhelmed by the sheer amount of products available on the market, and rightfully so; new ingredients and medical jargon make it hard to understand what it is a product actually does. The difference in age groups, skin conditions, and individual problems only contribute to the overall confusion and the fact that the skin is constantly changing, doesn’t exactly make things easier. As a result, consumers are forced to find the right product via trial and error, and that often leads to disappointment. In other words, the cosmetic market has become a minefield for consumers.

One size does not fit all

When it comes to skincare, there is no magic remedy because the skin is not based on magic but on science and biochemistry. Dr. Liv Kraemer discovered that there are exactly six parameters that describe six different sites of action of all ingredients. All cosmetic and medical ingredients act on exactly these six points and can improve, stop or even reverse changes in your skin.

However, a single product cannot cater to all these six points which means that creams or serums that promise to cure all skin problems will likely disappoint. That’s why Dr. Liv Kraemer often tells her patients that “there is no cream that can do everything, but there are active ingredients that can help specifically”.

One-size-fits-all, therefore, does not apply to skincare and using the wrong products over an extended period of time can even create problems instead of fixing them. Unfortunately, many people don’t dare go to a dermatologist with what they perceive as minor issues and end up wasting money on products that fail to deliver.

The solution

Dr. Liv Kraemer can help you bring an end to this long and exhausting hunt for the right skincare. With years of experience as a researcher and dermatologist, she developed a skin analysis that can identify your specific skin needs and with that, the ingredients and micronutrients best suited to keep your skin happy and healthy. Using this knowledge, she will help you locate the right products and supplements so that you can create a skincare routine that is specifically tailored to you and your skin.

The first visit

  • Please bring all the skincare products that you already use with you so that Dr. Liv Kraemer can include them in her analysis.
  • After the analysis, she’ll select the products that feature the ingredients your skin needs, to target your concerns. In this, she also focuses on prevention and how to take care of your skin in the long run.
  • Together, you’ll decide if further treatments are needed and if so, at which intervals they should happen.
  • Additionally, you'll get a folder to take home with you that includes ingredient and product recommendations, specifically for your skin.
  • Dr. Liv will also give you micronutrition and supplement pointers to help you support your skin from within as much as from without.
  • Lastly, she will hand you a skin plan with instructions and suggestions on how to maintain and support your skin’s natural beauty.

Your first visit is, therefore, comparable to a workout at the gym. Dr. Liv is not going to invent new exercise equipment. Rather, she’ll show you how to best use the existing ones, hence how to use the different ingredients correctly on your skin.

Ready to finally give your skin what it really needs? Then make an appointment for Dr. Liv’s skin analysis online or call us at 0041 44 211 88 11.

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