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Who is Dr. Liv Kraemer?

Dr. med. Liv Kraemer (MD, PhD), more commonly known as ’Dr.Liv’, is a board-certified dermatologist, beauty and skin longevity expert, and founder of the Dr. Liv Skin Longevity Clinic. She specialises in skincare, anti-aging, cosmeceuticals, nutraceuticals and preventative dermatology. In addition to her clinic, Dr. Liv does R&D for her skincare line, which is sold worldwide both direct to consumers and via selected retailers.

As a well-known medical social media personality with a passion for bridging medicine and new media, Dr. Liv has a following of over 600’000 across Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. She teaches longevity, skincare and media at conferences, corporations, and universities, including the Charité Berlin, one of Europe’s largest university hospital.

A sought-after speaker and opinion leader, Dr. Liv has been featured in various media outlets, including Cosmopolitan, Gala, InTouch, Cover, CNN Money Switzerland, Teen Vogue, NZZ, Bild and more.

Before becoming a dermatologist, Dr. Liv worked as a fashion model. Later as a researcher she studied and published work on tissue engineering, stem cells, and genetics. She applied her research areas later directly to the industry by conducting R&D on skincare ingredients and products for international beauty brands.

As a globally-minded dermatologist Dr. Liv has worked in the USA at Columbia University, the UAE, and Europe like London and the Charite Berlin . She enjoys networking with like-minded people and fellow entrepreneurs from all over the world.

Expertise: Skincare, skincare routine, aesthetic dermatology, genetics, tissue engineering, medical device, social media, dermatology trends, entrepreneurship, product development, business development, scientific research.

“You can’t stop aging, but you can delay it – as naturally as possible, as individually as needed, at any age. To prevent is always better than to repair.” – Dr. Liv Kraemer

Dr. Liv's philosophy

Above all, Dr. Liv values natural beauty. That’s why she takes great care not to change looks but rather, to enhance them.

Skincare as exercise

Dr. Liv Kraemer loves to compare skincare with exercise because your skin – just like your muscles – needs time and training to become its strongest, most radiant self. To put it in Dr. Liv’s words:

“You can’t expect to get a six-pack after only two workouts. The same goes for your skin: there are no magic tricks or shortcuts to healthy, radiant skin, but the right ingredients and consistent training can help you get there.” – Dr. Liv


Dr. Liv Kraemer is a member of numerous scientific and medical societies and expert organisations:

If you are interested in getting your natural glow back, make an appointment online or call us at 0041 44 211 88 11. If we are not picking up the phone, please leave us a voice message, and we will call you back as soon as possible.

If you are not in Switzerland, you can check out Dr. Liv’s Blog on skincare and skin food to stay informed or subscribe to her YouTube Channel, TikTok or Instagram.

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