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Beautiful skin is not a coincidence and doesn’t just happen overnight. But there’s a surprisingly simple way in which you can help your skin retain or regain its natural glow. It’s just like sports: you need to train your skin with the right products and routine so that it can be healthy and strong. However, with the wealth of skincare products out there, finding the right one can be an overwhelming and tedious task.

The right skincare routine

With new products and ingredients springing up like mushrooms, the cosmetics market has become a vast enigma to most people. The difference in age groups, skin conditions, and individual problems has only contributed to the overall confusion and the fact that the skin is constantly changing, doesn’t exactly make things easier. As a consequence, new skincare regimes (ingredients based) and old skincare regimes (consistency based) are clashing together.

To guide you out of the skincare jungle, Dr. Liv Kraemer will help you find the right skincare ingredients and create a skincare routine you will be able to handle, doesn't matter how your skin will change. She’ll show you which products to use and when so that you can easily implement them into your life and create a skincare routine that is tailored to your life and your needs. That, of course, also includes knowing when not to use products because less can often mean more.

Science and knowledge

When it comes to skincare, there is no magic remedy because the skin is not based on magic but on science and biochemistry. Dr. Liv Kraemer discovered that there are exactly six parameters that describe six different sites of action of all ingredients.

All cosmetic and medical ingredients act on exactly these six points and can improve, stop or even reverse changes in your skin. You can compare it to exercising in the gym: repetition, patience and knowing how to use the equipment are key to making progress. No need to invent a new gym.

“As a skin coach, I will teach you how to treat your skin correctly and how to take care of it in the long haul. I will show you which ingredients work best for your skin and how to use them in your individual skincare routine.” – Dr. Liv Kraemer

A dermatologist's advice

Dr. Liv Kreamer always tells her patients that “there is no cream that can do everything, but there are active ingredients that can help specifically”.

The problem is that many people don’t dare go to a dermatologist with what they perceive as minor skin issues or questions. As a result, they use the wrong skincare products and, instead of improving their skin’s appearance, they make it worse. That’s not only hard on the skin but also the wallet because they end up wasting money on products that fail to deliver. And most of the time they do use way to many products with the same point of action.Dr. Liv Kraemer can help you find the right products. She’ll determine which active ingredients and nutrients your skin needs to get back to its most radiant self. She puts you back into the driver seat, to be able to handle everything by yourself without no-one else to help. Also treatments are just an extension. It's like doing your exercise first before attending the boot camp class as the boot camp class will not give you the desired result, but the everyday skincare routine will. Treatments are just than an extra to get the extra miles.

Your personal skin trainer

Have you already tried several products and are disappointed with the results? Did a product even worsen your skin’s health instead of improving it?

Ready to finally find out which product is right for you? Dr. Liv Kraemer – your personal skin trainer – will help you get healthy and radiant skin!

It’s never too late to choose beautiful and healthy skin

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Effective skincare

Internal and external conditions influence your skin: stress, hormones, the seasons and your lifestyle all have an impact on your skin’s health. It’s important to strengthen it both on the in- as well as on the outside. An effective skincare routine – one that is tailored to you and your skin – can help protect and support your skin so that it stays happy and healthy when weathering the changes in your life. You can easily do it by yourself, you just need to understand how the ingredients work on your skin.

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Healthy nutrition

You are what you eat, so whatever you put into your mouth will end up in your skin. Ingredients such as industrial sugar, the wrong fats or chemical additives, upset the skin’s balance, whereas vitamins, minerals and antioxidants strengthen the skin and help protect it.

That, however, doesn’t mean that eating high doses of these beneficial ingredients will automatically create the best results. The time of day and the amount in which you consume these ingredients are just as important.

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The right skincare

Overwhelmed by the skincare market and not knowing what their skin needs, most people are forced to determine which products to use via trial and error, and that can quickly lead to frustration and disappointment. Dr. Liv Kraemer can help you cut right to the chase and find the skincare routine that is right for you. She will tell you exactly which ingredients and products your skin needs, and she’ll show you how to use them so that you can start training your skin with a skincare routine that you understand and can adapt to your needs. Get yourself back into the driver seat.

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